Welcome to Merrimack’s “Outdoor” web site!

Merrimack is home to some of the largest remaining uninterrupted tracks of forest and open space land in Southern New Hampshire.

These forests are right in our backyards!

Come and explore Merrimack Outdoors.  Click on a yellow push pin to learn more about one of our featured properties.

What's New?

It is now Fall and with that comes the normal Fall hunting season. 

If you are a hunter and want to hunt on our property, please follow all Fish and Game rules and please visit our webpage for the property you are interested in.  Some don't allow hunting and some do. Those that don't can get you in trouble with the Police and a Town ordinance if you do choose to hunt on them.  If you want to use a tree stand on our property, you need to get permission as you would when hunting anyone's land that is not yours.  Email us first at merrimackoutdoors@merrimacknh.gov.  Thanks!

If you are out on our properties this time of year, wear orange and stay on the trails.  Hunters and Hikers/Bikers/etc. can share the property as long as we all stay where we expect each other to be.  Thanks!