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Merrimack is home to some of the largest remaining uninterrupted tracks of forest and open space land in Southern New Hampshire.

These forests are right in our backyards!

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What's New?

Just in time for Mothers Day...Our annual Seedling Giveaway is Saturday May 7, 2016.  This is our annual event starting at 9am and running to noon time.  You can come get free seedlings of many kinds at Currier Orchards at 9 Peaslee Road.  We will be giving away the following: Norway Spruce, Sugar Maple, Black Walnut, Ninebark, American Cranberry, Crabapple, Winterberry Holly, Aronia Berry, Buttonbush, Wetlands Rose, and Pussy Willow.

The Seedlings are from the NH State Nursery.  The seedlings are 1-3 year old plants with bare roots ready for planting on the day you pick them up.  

Spring is here.  Watch for ticks, please clean up after your animal, and try to avoid wet areas so the turtles, frogs, salamanders, and other animals can recover from winter and start their families. 

If you hear shooting out near Grater Woods, please call Merrimack Police Dispatch at 424-3774.  The Commission does not allow target shooting on its properties and we are trying to stop this unsafe behavior as it interferes with the people using the trails.  The Commission recently purchased 120 acres abutting Grater Woods and we are having a problem on these new parcels.  Note that we do allow legal hunting on many of our properties see their individual webpages for more details or send us an email.