Welcome to Merrimack’s “Outdoor” web site!

Merrimack is home to some of the largest remaining uninterrupted tracks of forest and open space land in Southern New Hampshire.

These forests are right in our backyards!

Come and explore Merrimack Outdoors.  Click on a yellow push pin to learn more about one of our featured properties.

What's New?

It is now fall, what a great time of year to see and enjoy our properties!

But, you should remember that fall means it is also hunting season for many species.  Please share the property with the hunters and all the users.  Remember to wear hunter orange for yourself and your pets you bring with you, it could save you from an unhappy day.  

If you are a hunter, please go to our property pages before heading out to be sure hunting is allowed.  Some of our properties do not allow hunting due to how they were purchased or by Town Regulation.  Our pages have the details, or feel free to email us.  

If you are curious about the different hunting seasons, see what Fish and Game has here.